Electric Songs

A couple of months back, I did a playlist called Avenues Electronica. This playlist is not, I repeat not, a volume two of that playlist. Nor is it a part two, or anything of the sort. Avenues Electronica is a playlist dedicated to the genre electronica. This week’s playlist, however, entitled Electric Songs, showcases the music of several genres. The binding factor? They’re all about electricity, power, lightning, and the like. I hope that doesn’t send too much of a shock to your system. Get it? I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun.

What songs are considered electric? Songs by U2, IceHouse, MGMT, Live, Oasis, and Peter Gabriel – just to name a few. You’ll find that you’ve got the power with Snap! Heck, even 80s pop mainstay Debbie Gibson makes an appearance. Don’t judge me, Electric Youth is a great song! And of course, Huey Lewis and the News will tell us all about the Power of Love. Oh, and you know how I did not include the song (and band) Electric Avenue on the aforementioned Avenues Electronica playlist? Well, they’re on this playlist! This week, I’m giving you so much high voltage, in both AC and DC currents, it’ll make your hair stand on end! And yes, AC/DC gets representation.

I fear myself diving deep into a huge pile of puns, and I already promised I would stop. So, enjoy this week’s playlist: Electric Songs.

Electric Songs

More Electric Songs – and a rant!

Normally, this is the point when I try to tie in the theme of the playlist with whatever the heck I want to say. Well, today is the same, but this time I have a very special rant. YouTube is broken, and I might be done with it. They seemed to have taken away the ability to quickly embed a playlist from me. There are a few workarounds, which involve me diving into a little code. That’s fine, whatever, but it’s kind of a pain in the ass as well. I want to include the YouTube playlist as it’s a totally free service. No subscription like Spotify or Apple Music. Still, it’s getting more and more of a chore to embed my YouTube Playlists. Whatever, I think I’ll keep doing it, but come on YouTube. Fix your crap! See, I told you this was a rant.

Anyways, with that, keep an eye out next week for a new article! I haven’t written it yet, but it’s most likely going to be a Cover vs Original of No Scrubs by TLC. This is gonna be fun!

Rock on, and rock steady everyone!

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