The Original Cast

Last week, I mentioned a Playlist of musical theater. I said I might be willing to publish it this week. Well…here I am, delivering on my promise. Here are 30 songs sung by the original cast (if possible). I have everything here. Rodgers and Hammerstein, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Rent, Oklahoma, Avenue Q, Les Mis, Hamilton….even Aladdin!

Yeah – sure, Aladdin was adapted from an animated Disney film – so sue me (please don’t sue me Disney, I don’t have the money). But there’s an amazing live version certainly worth checking out. It’s….ahem….a whole new world…. But seriously, the guy that plays Genie did an amazing job. No, Michael James Scott is not Robin Williams, but he makes the part his own. but I digress.

Anyways, enjoy the playlist!

The Original Cast

The Original Cast – quite the rarity!

Seriously I really do not see enough musical theater. I did see the aforementioned Aladdin with the original cast – but that’s a rarity for me. I saw an unofficial version of Avenue Q for instance. While it was extremely well done – I kind of wish I had seen Stephanie D’Abruzzo play the part of Kate Monster. Of course when I saw Little Shop of Horrors and Les Miserables – the original cast had long since departed their roles. But I had fun, I guess that’s what really matters. And at the end of the day….ANYONE could do a better job as Fantine than Anne Hathaway in that horrible film version. Great, now her lawyers are going to sue me as well. Maybe they’ll team up with Disney. Maybe I should just shut my bit trap already….

Anyways….this week featured article: a cover vs original featuring “Somebody to Love” by The Great Society. Wait…you’ve never heard of The Great Society? That’s because their most famous member left just as they were getting big. Grace Slick joined Jefferson Airplane, and tool some of the Great Society’s songs with her (including “Somebody to Love”). I’m diving into spoilers here – so you will just have to come back on Friday to read the rest. But it will be fun. There might even be a model in her underwear. Now I’ve got your interest, haven’t I?

Am I joking about the model or not? You won’t know until you come back. So…come back Friday and read all about “Somebody to Love.”