The Coolest Songs Evar!!!

The best songs evar!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The year was 1986. It was too dangerous for me to ride my bike in the city, so I kept it out at my grandparent’s house. We visited there almost every Sunday, and I took my bike out all over the half suburb, half country area of Willamette, Oregon (now part of West Linn). I had my headphones on at all times, listening to music that I wasn’t allowed to listen. But I didn’t care – I was a rebellious adolescent, and these were the coolest songs evar!!!

This playlist explores a good deal of the songs that played on the radio as I rode my bike up and down those Willamette hills. Some of these songs hold up quite nicely – while others seem rather dated. Some of these songs, I’ll admit I kind of hated (Suicide Blonde by INXS), and others I loved then, hate now (Sunglasses at Night). That doesn’t matter – they’re still the coolest songs evar! They evoked, and still evoke an emotional response out of me that no other music can evoke.  Oh sure – “coolest songs evar”seems like a rather subjective term. Your coolest songs evar will certainly be different than mine. Guess what….if you don’t like it, you can go make your own website! Gosh! Ok, calming down. Just talking about the coolest songs evar seems to bring back those adolescent hormonal changes. Oy – I don’t miss those! 

Anyways – if you do have a playlist of your own coolest songs evar, put a link in the comments. I would love to listen to your take on the subject. For now – enjoy mine! 

Speaking of the coolest songs evar!

I’ll admit – I have nothing more on this topic, but my SEO plugin yells at me when I don’t include my focus keyphrase in at least one heading. Far be it from me to get an unintelligent piece of software mad at me!

I do, however, have a LOT of news. Firstly – I want to thank Ween tribute band, Weener  for the shoutout on my band exploration. I really enjoyed seeing that spike in my stats. 

Secondly – in other website news – I am, this week, launching a brand new website!  It’s technically up right now, but the first piece of real content  comes Saturday! Go check it out!!

Thirdly – There’s a lot of great holiday content coming in December. I’ll be posting a Christmas playlist, a juxtaposition of Winter Wonderland (done in so many different styles), a Cover vs Original featuring “Do They Know it’s Christmas,” and so much more! It’s going to be fun ya’ll! 

What if you don’t celebrate the holidays? Well – I get it. However, on, I published an article on why you should celebrate the holidays. I put a lot of personal stuff there.

Finally – I will be publishing a retro album review on the best Steve Taylor album evar!!! That album being – Squint. Interestingly enough – while writing this entire section – I felt like I was channeling his sarcasm. I’ll be posting it either tomorrow or Saturday – depending on how much I accomplish tomorrow. Don’t get angry – I’ve had a rough week. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this playlist, and I hope you’re looking forward to all the new content coming your way! And I hope your thanksgiving found you jamming to my cooking playlist from last week. I am so all about the shameless self promotions!