Television Rules the Nation.

Television Rules the Nation

Ahh….television. Television rules the nation. Ever since the 50s, we’ve all glued ourselves to the glowing boxes in our living rooms. Sure…the shapes and sizes of TVs have changed over the years. Instead of big, heavy boxes, we now have large, thin rectangles – but the concept remains the same. When there’s breaking news, we still turn to our televisions. When we want to entertain ourselves, we still turn to our televisions. Even when we just want some background noise, the television fills this void. Television truly does rule the nation. 

This playlist shows the dark side of television. Some of these songs show the destruction of lives the television brings. Some of these songs show the perversions of slander, and greed. From televangelists to the local news exploiting the sick and the weak. Maybe I should get off my high horse, I worked in television for 18 years.  

In all honesty, I love television…but the medium certainly has a lot of negatives and proves an easy scapegoat for our society’s woes. I guess sometimes we just forget that we can indeed turn our televisions off.

I hope you enjoy this playlist as much as I enjoyed putting it together. 

Television rules the nation – but you control your own destiny!

What will you do with this destiny? That’s up to you. But I do advise you to keep reading! You’ll find countless essays, playlists, and some special features.

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