Songs Named for a Girl

Quick, what’s a song named after a girl? I bet you can’t think of one. Ok, you probably can name twenty. There are so many songs named for a girl, Family Guy mocked the unoriginality of this naming device. Despite their unoriginal titles, some of the songs named after a girl are quite original. At the very least, some of these songs give a fun listen. So that’s what this week’s playlist is all about – songs named for a girl.

Just to make things interesting, I followed a rule while composing this playlist. The girl’s name must NOT be part of a sentence or phrase. So, most of these songs have a title of one or two words. The only exception is Anna (Go With Him) by The Beatles. I ignore my rule on this song for two reasons. One, “(Go with him)” is a secondary title, while the primary title is “Anna.” The second reason I ignored my rule – a good playlist will include a few unexpected songs. Elenor Rigby is a better song, but also an obvious choice to represent The Beatles. I like throwing a few curveballs at my readers!

Don’t worry, I do include a lot of obvious choices – after all, I include Cecilia, Jolene, Veronica, Lola, Valerie, Valleri, Billie Jean, Roxanne, Jessica, and several others. Still, I omitted songs like Baba O’Riley and Rossana. Instead, I represent The Who with Athena and Toto with Pamela. Side note, I came close to using Valerie Plame by the Decemberists but decided to use Leslie Anne Levine. The Monkees and Steve Winwood had the name “Valerie/Valeri” covered. But I digress.

Enjoy this week’s playlist – Songs Named for a Girl!

Songs Named for a girl

Songs named for a girl – Trivia!

I learned something. The Kink’s Lola substitutes “Coca-Cola” for “Cherry Cola” on the single version of the song. Why? The official reason was something to do with the BBC’s “no product placement” rule. Of course, the song was controversial and even banned in Australia. 1970 was less than progressive as far as the transgendered community goes. Heck, 2020 isn’t very progressive on this subject.

With that said, it’s time to talk about what’s coming up this week. I will be exploring the catalog of the late, great Wesley Willis. Was he a punk rock visionary? A comedic genius? Would the BBC ban his music (he had product placement in every one of his songs)? Find out this Saturday, when I explore the music of Wesley Willis with fresh ears.

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