Pop of the Past

This week’s post, Pop of the Past, is dedicated to Ronnie Spektor. She lived a long life, but it still seems too short. Thank you for the music.

All sadness out of the way, this week’s playlist showcases some of my favorite pop songs and pop artists. I limited the time frame to the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s, as those are the eras I know the best. I’m actually quite pleased with this playlist, as it’s about two hours of absolute fun.

What’s on the playlist: Well, of course, I’ve got the Ronettes on the list. Aside from that, we have everyone from The Beach Boys to Pet Shop Boys. Blondie tells us the Tide is High, and Genesis warns us that we’re In too Deep. Of course, The Go-Gos won’t tell us anything, because their lips are sealed. ABBA, Erasure, Olivia Newton-John (with ELO), Sam Cooke, Howard Jones, The Monkees, The Beatles, George Michael, Hall and Oates, and more!

I hope Pop from the Past moves your feet and grooves your soul.

Pop of the Past

I have an idea for a sequel to Pop of the Past

Most of the songs in this week’s playlist have interesting covers, alternative versions, remixes, and whatnot. I think I might try to do a sequel that features these “non-original” versions. Sounds like a lot of fun. We’ll see if it works.

What else is happening? Well, I’m ramping up to do some serious writing (hopefully). I have so many ideas for articles in my head, I don’t know where to start. There’s a Cover VS Original on Baby, Now That I’ve Found You (a song featured in this very playlist). There’s a Retro Album Review on Nirvana’s MTV Unplugged album. And that’s just two ideas out of many. So I guess I best get fingers to keys.

Until next week, everyone. As always, rock on and rock steady.

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