Noughties Music: Indie Rock/Pop

Recently, I’ve started referring the 2000s as the “noughties” for …reasons. Speaking of the 2000s, what a decade the naughites were! We entered the decade with the fear that Y2k would destroy civilization. We left the noughties with the second worst economic disaster in US history. Throughout the decade, we had election controversies, the worst terrorist attack on American soil, the mortgage crisis and recession, hurricane Katrina, and a couple of wars. Sometimes I wonder how we made it through the decade. I know one thing that helped my sanity – noughties music, specifically of the indie rock and pop varieties.

Indie rock and pop really flourished in the noughties. Perhaps with so much bad in the news, more people felt the need to be more creative. More musicians felt the need to express their hopes, fears, concerns, rants, and whatnot. The Internet had a lot to do with independent noughties music as well. Early social media platforms and blogs helped independent musicians build reach out to new fans. Napster, Kazaa, and other file sharing platforms helped spread the word about lesser known artists. Oh, and in case the RIAA is reading, I NEVER used any of these…wink wink, nudge nudge (my favorite file sharing service was Soulseek). My point being, it was so much easier to find out about and get ahold of music, even underground artists.

So, that said – I dedicate this playlist to noughties music of the independent pop and rock varieties.

Noughties Music: indie rock/pop

That noughties music isn’t indie!

Oh yeah? You want to bet? Ok, ok, even by the mid noughties, “indie” was kind of a buzzword, kind of like “alternative” by the mid 90s. Sure, some of the music was indeed independent, and most of the bands even started out as indie – but things changed fast. I can remember a The Decemberists concert at Waterfront Park. Colin Meloy made a joke about their new “indie” label: CBS records. Still – you gotta hand it to Clap Your Hands, Say Yeah for saying “labels…we don’t need no stinking labels!” and getting so much success off their first album. In the words of George W. Bush, Mission accomplished.

Anyways…stay tuned, this coming Friday I do another “I Listen To” post. This time, I chose a controversial musical figure…Yoko Ono. Will I love Yoko’s music? Will I curse her and accuse her of breaking up the Beatles? Yeah….actually, I won’t acuse Yoko of that. What I will say is….actually, you’ll just have to wait. So again, come back Friday for Yoko Ono!

Note…Tina Fey does not endorse, nor has she ever even heard of We do not even host this gif, but we thought it would be funny to use. If you’re reading this, Tina, a) we love you, and b) please do not sue us. Seriously – it would be like getting blood from a turnip.

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