Indie Radio: 1990-2005

Back in the 90s, there was a station in Portland called 970 “The Beat.” This station was at the forefront of the “alternative (rock) revolution.” Their DJs brought whatever songs they wanted to play, sometimes from their own collections, and played said songs on air. 970 the beat was probably my all-time favorite radio station, and I miss it dearly. So, in tribute, this week’s playlist (Indie Radio: 1990-2005) will try to emulate the experience of The beat and stations like the beat.

This playlist includes songs from as late as 2005. Part of emulating The Beat and stations like The Beat is to theorize what songs they would have played if they had been around awhile longer. Regardless, indie radio: 1990-2005 is a solid mix of songs you know, and songs you don’t know. This week’s playlist features songs such as There She Goes by The La’s, Unbelievable. by EMF, and Sadness by Enigma. A few other well known artists, such as New Order, My Bloody Valentine, Garbage, and even Erasure make an appearance on this week’s playlist as well. Of course, part of the experience of listening to 970 the beat was finding a new song you don’t know, and indie radio: 1990-2005 features plenty of songs that never came near the top 40.

Put your headphones on, find a comfortable chair, and prepare yourself for the indie Radio Experience. By the way, don’t forget to scroll past the playlist and find out about this week’s featured article.

indie radio: 1990-2005

What else can I say about indie radio?

The answer is simple: a lot. In fact, I plan on doing more indie radio playlists, featuring different eras in time and history. I might even do more from 1990-2005. I can already name a dozen songs I could have included but didn’t have time for.

Shifting gears, you probably want to know what’s coming up later this week? Tomorrow, I have a very special retro music review planned. Why is it special? It features an entire EP of covers, and you all know how much I love covers! I will be taking a good second look at Erasure’s Four track EP “Abba-Esque.” It’ll be a lot of disco fun, so come back tomorrow and get, ahem, take a chance on me.

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