Here Comes the Summer!

It’s summertime, summertime, sum, sum, summertime! Yes, for the next few months, when we talk about the 80s and 90s, we’re probably talking about the temperature and not the decades because here comes the summer! Here comes the random trips to the coast, the Barbecues, the outdoor concerts, the long nights, and those freaking amazing sunsets! So, in honor of the august (in every sense of the word) weather, here comes the summer playlist!

Here Comes the Summer features hits from the likes of The Beach Boys, Mungo Jerry, Bryan Adams, Chicago, and Don Henley. Here Comes the Summer also features artists such as X, Violent Femmes, The Breeders, Alice Cooper, U2, and Blondie. This playlist even features a song by the Brady Bunch! Yes – we went all out and this time around. We want you to have fun this summer, and we hope this playlist

So have fun on your summertime adventures and may this playlist spread a little sunshine in your life!

Here Comes the Summer!

Here Comes the summer….part 2!

Yes, there will be a part two for this playlist…..kind of. Next week I will put out another dance playlist, this time focused on summer dance classics. What is a summer dance classic? Well – you’ll just have to find out next week, won’t you?

If you’re really itching for a companion playlist before next week, check out “Wave After Wave.” Wave after wave is an ocean themed playlist all about, well, the ocean. A great deal of the songs on Wave after wave will make you want to drive to the coast for the day. Just….stay away from the deep end. Seriously, you don’t want to to get munched up by Jaws or tortured by Cthulhu.

What’s up next? This Friday, a Cover Vs Original talking about the song “Don’t Stop Believin’.” This article will have you believing in all sorts of things. Seriously though, I had a LOT of fun writing it, so I hope you all enjoy.

Finally, all of you oldies music buffs will noticed I quoted a song at the beginning of this article – and yet I didn’t include it on this playlist! Well – there’s a reason. Originally I included “Summertime, summertime’ by The Jamies on Here Comes the Summer – but truth be told, that song gets annoying and fast, so onto the chopping block. But if you must hear the song…well…here you go. Just don’t blame me if this earworm gets stuck in your head.

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