Headphones On

Fall has come, and gone is the summer! Time to get out your warm sweaters, sip a cup of tea, and spend a lot more time indoors. Music, of course, becomes a bigger part of all of our lives in fall, as does solidarity. After all…who has a BBQ when its pouring down rain? No, we sit around the house, hibernating, and blasting the music with our headphones on.

This week’s playlist is made up of songs that just sound great with your headphones on. Some of these songs have complex instrumentation you just might miss when played on a speaker. Many of these songs are fairly mellow, but just sound incredible when played on headphones. Some of these songs make use of pans throughout the left and right channels. Some of these songs sound perfectly fine while on a regular stereo…but somehow sound different with a good pair of headphones.

Featuring artists such as REM, The Smiths, The Doors, Brian Wilson, Frank Sinatra, Sufjan Stevens, Alison Kraus, Explosions in the Sky, and more…you’re sure to find something you love on this week’s playlist. So grab your best pair of Sennheiser cans (or whatever brand you prefer), lock the door, and repeat into an amazing journey. Just don’t put the volume up too high…you don’t want to damage your hearing.

Enjoy this playlist with your headphones on!

Headphones On

Still got your headphones on?

Good, you’ll need them this week! This Friday, we’re publishing a cover vs original article on perhaps one of the most beautiful love songs ever written. This love song is so definitive of the lovesong genre that it named itself, well, Lovesong. Yes, I examine a classic song by the Cure. Will any cover version hold up to the original? What makes Lovesong such a great song to begin with? I’ll answer these questions on Friday!

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