FM Radio Holiday

Some of my earliest memories involve riding in the back of my parents car during the Christmas season. The radio blasted endless Christmas and Holiday songs from throughout the years. Some songs were considered classics, some songs were brand new and destined to become classics. Some songs, I have very faint memories of and I’ll never hear again. These car rides, usually to go Christmas shopping or maybe to my Grandparents house, were always special. I loved the music, and I still do. I always imagined what I might play if I were one of those DJs, spinning Christmas records. You can already see where I’m going here. So with that in mind, I bring you FM Radio Holiday.

FM Radio Holiday tries to emulate the DJs of the 80s and the 90s on those “all Christmas, all the time” radio stations. There’s classics a plenty, sure. There’s also a handful of brand new favorites as well. This virtual Christmas radio station features everyone from Bing Crosby to Bryan Adams to Wham! to Pentatonix to Johnny Cash to Blues Traveler to Sufjan Stevens. FM Radio Holiday gives you a great big glob of Christmas cheer….and you’ll love every minute of it!

Merry Christmas, and enjoy this week’s playlist!

FM Radio Holiday

FM Radio Holiday part two? Yes please!

Folks, next week’s playlist will be of a similar nature to this one. There’s a lot of classic holiday music, and a lot of Holiday Fun coming your way! Come on by next Monday for the last Christmas Playlist. Also, come back this Friday for the final Holiday Fun article! I will be examining the song “Sleigh Ride” and it’s many, many incarnations over the year. You’ll see The Carpenters, Amy Grant, TLC, Chicago, and so many more! You’ll want to go walking in a winter wonderland Wait, that was last year! Regardless, you will love this year’s Snowball fight between the different versions of Sleigh Ride!

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