Fight Boredom With Music

Are you bored? Why not have an impromptu dance session? Lucky for you, I put together a playlist of fun songs perfect for dancing. This week’s playlist, Fight Boredom With Music, will get your tail feathers shaking, and your body moving. Shove all the furniture out of the way and make your living room an impromptu Studio 54! What else are you going to do tonight, binge watch Tiger King? Nah, you need to dance!

Fight Boredom With Music features a wide array of songs and artists. From the Beatles to Beck, from a-ha to The Arcade Fire. George Clinton, Van Morrison, Erasure, The Romantics, Hall & Oates, The Postal Service, OutKast, and so many more. Fight Boredom With Music presents a diverse array of artists and a whole lot of fun.

I dare you to sit still while listing to this week’s playlist!

Fight Boredom With Music

Keep fighting boredom! More music coming!

As I’ve mentioned before, I strive to keep a 1 song per artist rule on my playlists. As I’ve not mentioned before, I have a list of bands I try to include on every playlist. While sometimes these bands don’t work, you’ll see a song by The Beatles, David Bowie, U2, and a few others on most of the playlists I publish. So, why did I choose In God’s Country to represent U2? I mean, Vertigo would be a lot more danceable. Mysterious Ways, Beautiful Day, Discoteque, and a dozen other U2 songs would be more danceable. However, I have another unwritten rule. I almost always try to include one song from the week’s featured article in that week’s playlist.

So, why is In God’s Country part of this week’s featured article? Because, people, I’ve taken on the impossible task of looking at U2’s album “The Joshua Tree” with a fresh, objective viewpoint. I say impossible because U2 is one of my all-time favorite bands. The Joshua Tree particularly has a special place in my heart, as it’s the first album I bought with my own money. My aunt gave me a 10 dollar Fred Meyer gift certificate, and I bought the tape (as well as a box of nerds because the cassette was $9.50). But I digress!

Anyways, come back this Saturday for a brand new Retro Music Review, featuring U2’s The Joshua Tree.

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