Dreamy Pop

Sometimes we need something a bit surreal. Music that has an ethereal flare, and yet keeps us in a head bopping space. Music that somehow seems greater than the sum of its parts, and yet seems so simple at the same time. The same Music we hear every night on the radio in our dreams. That music, dreamy pop, makes us aware of a greater world. Yet somehow, this dreamy pop makes us more in tune with our own thoughts.

Dreamy pop, like so many other genres of pop and rock, was birthed in the 1960s. Most artists that dabble in pop music have at least one song that might find itself in the genre. The Beatles, New Order, Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, The Monkees, The Association, The Cowsills, The Flaming Lips, M83 – these are just a fraction of artists represented on this playlist. The genre certainly crosses over into other genres. Dream pop for one.

For those of you paying attention, no, this is not a repeat playlist. Sure, A playlist for dreamers and songs about dreams and rainbows seem like they might hail from the same inspiration – but dreamy pop is…well….pop. Pop is a major component in the genre and this playlist. The other two playlists do not have that distinction.

Anyways, relax, and crawl into a good headspace. You’re about to take a dreamy ride.

Dreamy Pop.

Time to wake up from that dreamy pop sleep!

Or…not. That’s actually your choice. Sleep a few more minutes if you want – you deserve the rest. Although, if you do wake up in time, you might get to watch your favorite cartoons before school!

Wait…what? Ok, that was just my clever way of telling you what’s coming up in this week’s featured article. This week, we do a special retro music review on Children’s TV show themes. How do these theme songs sound today, and how did they affect us back in the day. Of course, as I am a Gen Xer, all these songs will come from the 60s, 70s, and 80s. But don’t worry if you’re a Gen Y, Millennial, Xenial, Gen Z, Gen Next, or whatever you call yourself – you’ll know some, if not most of these songs.

Stay tuned! Kids TV theme songs from the 60s, 70s, and 80s coming at you on Friday!

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