Calm Music for the Current Crisis

The governor of my state just announced that all restaurants can only offer take out and delivery. The theaters are closed, the grocery stores are baren, and all gatherings over 50 people (in Oregon) are considered a Class C felony. This. Is. Insane. I never thought I’d live to see a day like this. The mental health of our state, our country, and our world are in grave danger as we face weeks of isolation and the fears of what happens next. We’re going to need calm music for the current crisis.

I know music won’t solve our problems, but music can calm our nerves. So, to do my small part, I’ve put together a playlist of calming songs. I can’t promise everything will be alright. Heck, I can’t promise you’ll have a job at the end of this crisis. I can, however, give you a playlist of songs to maybe distract your mind for a couple of hours.

Scientific studies have shown that familiarity breeds content. With this fact in mind, Calm Music for the Current Crisis features a lot of songs you know. Songs by The Beatles, Queen, Cyndi Laper, Journey, The Cure, Aerosmith, and so many more. Of course, you’ll see a few artists and songs you may not recognize, but I promise every song to be palatable and soothing.

Stay safe everyone. Keep calm. We’re all in this together.

Calm Music for the Current Crisis.

More music for the current crisis coming your way!

If I can help your nerves a little by providing more music, I will. AudioPerfecta will be publishing extra playlists during the next few weeks. These playlists will specifically be for the general mental health of you, the loyal listeners. If you’re looking for music and articles related to the Coronavirus, I’ve made things easy. Just search for the Coronavirus tag, and you’ll find all the content I’ve published so far.

What’s on tap for later this week? Well, most likely a second playlist. There will also be an article exploring a few albums you might not know. Why? Because we all have a ton of extra time right now – why not explore some new music?

By the way, did you read Sunday’s PSA? If not, go, read it. Now! Your headphones are filthy, and you need to clean them. NOW! Ok, I’ll stop nagging everyone.

Again, stay safe everyone.

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