46 Artists Who Changed My Life

Folks, I’m turning the big 4-6 this week. Yes, come Thursday, my early 40s will be a thing of the past, and my late 40s will be closer than they’ve ever been! In honor of this momentous occasion, I have made a special playlist. Yes, this week, we’re taking a break from all the Holiday Fun, and focusing on bands that have had a special impact on my life. This week, I present to you 46 Artists Who Changed My Life.

Oh sure, there are waaaaay more than 46 artists that changed my life. I probably could name 200 if I had the time. However, I did have to draw a line somewhere. With that said, artists such as Joan Jett, Depeche Mode, Pearl Jam, and The Pet Shop Boys have no representation on this list. I just didn’t have room. Heck, I even forgot about The Beatles and Bob Dylan! But I digress.

Who Is on the list? Some artists you know and love. U2, R.E.M., The Cure, INXS, The Clash, and Peter Gabriel. There are a few lesser-known artists such as Over The Rhine, Sam Phillips, and Blonde Redhead. And of course, there are a few artists from my days in the CCM world. Jars of Clay, Sixpence None The Richer, Petra, Whiteheart, Stryper, and Charlie Peacock. 46 Artists Who Changed My Life is certainly a diverse playlist, but I’m a musically diverse person.

Happy Birthday to me, and I hope you enjoy 46 Artists Who Changed My Life.

46 Artists Who Changed My Life

The Songs Chosen for The Artist Who Make No sense

Why did I choose the songs I did? I mostly went with songs from the album that really turned me onto the artist. Maybe you didn’t notice, or maybe you didn’t care. But that’s how I chose the songs I chose. Whatever.

Anyways, make sure to stick around. Holiday Fun is still happening. I’ll be putting out a couple more Christmas themed playlists, and another edition of Snowball fight! It’s gonna be fun! There might be another article as well. We’ll see what I’ve got as far as time.

Until later, Rock on and rock steady!

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