10 Hours of Christmas Music

Yes….you read the title right. This is 10 hours of Christmas music. I combined all the music from my Holiday Fun section into one, long list…and then I added a bunch more music on top of that. Why? Well…why not. I mean, Christmas is HERE! Best to get your fill of the holiday songs while you can. And hey….if you’re one of those people who keeps the holiday spirit all the way through Epiphany, this list is perfect for you nonetheless!

This is a record length for an AudioPerfecta playlist. I think the longest before this was maybe 3 or 4 hours….so…we went big. Real big. But why not? It’s Christmas! What other time of year can you go this big? Besides, this is the last Holiday Fun article of year.

These songs are in no particular order. I mean….organizing the flow of this mega playlist would probably take a few hours at least. So with that in mind, feel free to listen to this playlist on shuffle. It will not hurt my feelings, I promise!

Merry Christmas everyone, and for those of you who get through all 10 hours of Christmas Music on this playlist, I salute you!

10 hours of Christmas Music.

What happens after you listen to 10 hours of Christmas music?

Well….you might end up getting a headache to be honest. Seriously….that’s a lot. I mean A LOT of Christmas music. I don’t know that I could listen to that much Christmas music in one sitting. In fact, I feel like I’m kind of tired of Christmas music.

This brings us to Friday’s featured article. This will be the first NON Christmas featured article since before Thanksgiving! What’s it about? Well…the 2010s are closing. This is the last week of an entire decade. This means it’s time to reminisce about all the great music that came out over the last ten years. So, I bring you 15 of the best albums of the 2010s. There’s some albums you’ll recognize, and maybe a few you don’t. There will be obvious choices, and even a few surprises. Come back Friday, and find out my picks.

Merry Christmas, and may the closing of the year….and the decade….bring love, peace, and joy to your lives.

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