Weird and Wonderful 90s Music

It’s been a while! I’m not even sure if I’ll remember every step in my process of making a playlist. Life takes a toll, but whatever, I’ll talk about that later. You’re probably more interested in what this playlist is all about. Weird and Wonderful 90s Music is, well, as simple as it sounds! It’s music from the 1990s, that’s weird. Yet through the weirdness, these songs are also somehow wonderful. Well, most of them anyway. Regardless, it’s going to be a fun ride!

So what’s on this playlist? You’ll find out how Bizzare the songs are with OMC. You’ll learn that Everybody’s Free to Wear Sunscreen with Baz Lurhman (et al). You might get Lumped with The Presidents of the United States, or you might Feed the Trees with Belly. Deee-Lite, Barenaked Ladies, Spacehog, Divinyls, Big Audio Dynamite, Ace of Base, Whale, LEN, James, Cracker, Neneh Cherry, Spin Doctors, and so many more. It’s 34 songs of weirdness that will make you feel wonderful. Oh, and there are so many I left out as well. With a few notable exceptions, I tried to avoid artists who put out hit after hit. In fact, I’d wager half of these songs are one-hit wonders! So yeah, if you’re wondering why I omitted Pearl Jam, Nirvana, and the like, that’s why.

I hope you enjoy Weird and Wonderful 90s Music, presented via Spotify, Apple Music, and Youtube.

Weird and Wonderful 90s Music

What comes after Weird and Wonderful 90s Music?

Will there be another playlist next week? If not, when will the next playlist be? Honestly, I don’t really know. I would like to start putting these out on a steady basis again, but that requires a commitment that I just don’t know if I am able to make. I do, however, have a few playlists ready to roll on Spotify. So the meat of the content is there, I just have to find the time and energy to present it. So, I would wager I’ll be doing so at least once a month, but hopefully, I can to an every other week format.

Before I go, I got to talk about the song “Stay” by Shakespeares Sister. And yes, that’s how they spell their name. No apostrophe. But I digress. Anyway, Stay sounds like a sweet song about someone begging their lover to stay, right? Well, that’s partly right. It’s about someone begging their lover to stay alive! Yes, and that kick-ass part at the end? Yeah, that’s the grim reaper coming to get the lover. Just watch the video. Or don’t – it’s kind of creepy and scary. It’s actually the song that inspired this playlist! Oh, the angel of death? Yeah. Before Shakespears Sister, she sang “Venus” with Banarama. Quite a shift, I have to say!

That’s all I’ve got today. Until next time, rock on and rock steady!

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