Stress Mix – Winter 2020: Finals are Nigh!

In my college days, I made a mixed CD that, to this day, remains my all-time favorite mixed CD. This CD was eclectic and wild! I made this CD a week before finals, and my stress levels were more maxed than a credit card at Christmas! I had papers to write, tests to study for, and on top of that, I had work! In honor of my peaking stress levels, I called this specific mixed CD “Stress Mix.” Considering the eclectic nature of this specific CD, the title fit.

I loved that CD so much, that I started a new tradition. I made a new stress mix for finals at the end of every term. None of these mixes were quite as good as the original. Whatever, I still enjoyed this project. I had a few rules to follow, most of which I’ve forgotten. I do remember a few though. There was always a Ladytron song, and always a New Pornographers song. I happened to discover both artists right before compiling the original stress mix, and their music fits well in the series.

Another rule: I included several movie sound clips, which gave the CDs a disjointed and frenzied feeling. The last rule, I always included a cover version of “It’s the End of the World as We Know It.” The original R.E.M. version appeared on the first Stress Mix and became my unofficial song of finals week.

If you haven’t guessed already, this week’s playlist is an ode to my stress mixes of yore. Finals week is coming for Oregon’s public colleges, and the stress levels will be high. The timing seems right for a resurrected stress mix. I followed the rules I already mentioned, though I had a hard time finding enough sound clips on a streaming service. Still, I found a couple. I also used a few songs I recall being on a few of the Stress Mixes, such as The Imperial Death March and Flagpole Sitta.

This week’s playlist emulates my old mixed CD well! I hope you enjoy Stress Mix Winter 2020: Finals are Nigh!

Stress Mix Winter 2020: Finals are nigh!

More songs for your stress mix!

You got it! It’s angst week here at This week’s featured article is an exploration of some of the most im[ortant punk songs ever recorded. I Want to Be Sedated by The Ramones, featured on this week’s playlist, is one of the songs. I also explore songs by The Clash, Dead Kennedys, The Runaways, and more! If you like punk music, you will like this week’s featured article. Come back Friday and see!

To give you a taste of next week, I will be releasing a playlist of songs played live. Most of these songs surpass the original studio versions, or at the very least, are just fun as heck. I might also spell out the differences between a first-wave, second-wave, and third-wave cover. You’ll just have to wait and see.

Come back Friday for punk music, and come back next monday for live music!

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