Rage Music: Angry Songs III

A couple of months ago, a shitty decision was made. Sidenote, I’m going to swear today, but back to the shittiness. Five fucking assholes ruled that the state has the right to tell a woman she cannot control her own body. If that weren’t awful enough, and it’s seriously awful, this decision also has an impact on medical privacy. Oh, and this is just the start. The GOP has more than just one white whale, no, they’re going after healthcare, gay marriage, SNAP, TANF, WIC, immigration, and so many other things a compassionate society should have. So what does this have to do with music? Simple. Rage Music is dedicated to the five shits who made this decision. This playlist is also dedicated to the three shits who occupied the oval office and put these five shits in office. Yes, even the one who is no longer with us. But especially the tiny-handed Cheeto. Oh, and this playlist is also dedicated to the traitor who supposedly speaks for the house, and all his cronies. But I’ll be bipartisan here. This is also dedicated to the shit in the oval office right now who refuses to do anything, and I mean ANYTHING, about this decision. Come on, use that damned executive privilege already!

So what songs are on Rage Music? A ton of angry songs spanning the generations. Lilly Allen sings Fuck You, U2 sings Mofo, Gayle sings ABCDEFU, and Gwar sings Mother Fucking Liar. The Mountain Goats sing about stabbing someone in the eye with a Foreign Object, The Murmurs sing You Suck, and Olivia Rodrigo calls someone a traitor. Elvis Costello sings Tramp the Dirt Down about a late PM, though I’m sure he’ll approve of my using this song for these purposes. And yes, some of these songs are about other subjects, but the title says it all. Take, for example, Garfunkel and Oakes and their song Such a Looser. The point is to call these people names, so don’t read too far into the songs. And yes, that’s juvenile, but whatever. I don’t mean everything I say with these songs, though I do mean some things!

Enjoy these songs. I truly hope that Rage Music delivers some joy to your life.

Rage Music

Rage Music seems like three months too late

The Supreme Court decision was three months ago, yes. I actually made this playlist back then, but I just didn’t have the time and energy to relese it. And I’m glad I didn’t – I found a few new songs to add to this list, and now we have an even 40 songs. There’s also the fact that the midterms are coming! It’s time to start thinking abotu getting pissed off again. My own state, Oregon, is getting a new governor, and it’s a really close race. Not ok with the posiblity of Christine Drazen, and Betsy Johnson is looking to spoil the race. Like I said, there’s so much more than abortion as an issue.

Looking for more angry music, check out Angry Songs Volume 1 and Political and Social Angst: Angry Songs Volume II. That’s all for today. As always, Rock on and Rocksteady.

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