Songs of Remorse

Songs of Remorse – featuring songs that say I’m sorry, please forgive me. Featured genres: Alternative, R&B, Comedy, Pop, Adult Contemporary.

Broken Hearts – Songs for Break Ups

Songs for Break ups – a playlist showcasing the agony, anger, grief, longing, sorrow, and even the comical sides of a break up. Featuring Alanis Morissette, Garbage, The Cranberries, The Ben Folds Five, Fleetwood Mac, The Monkees, Prince, Erasure and many more!

I Listen to Slayer for the First Time

I listen to Slayer for the first time. Join me, as I explore one of the big four thrash metal bands with fresh ears and an open mind. Will I love Slayer? Will I hate Slayer, Join me on this journey, and you’ll find out for yourself!

Our Music, Our Wall!

Our music, Our Wall – a playlist featuring songs that make me, well, me. Featuring Elvis Costello, Don McLean, Air, Stereolab, Johnny Cash, and more!

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