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    The NSFW Playlist.

    This playlist will offend you. If this playlist does not offend you, then there's something wrong with you. Seriously - don't listen to this playlist at work, near your children, grandma, or pastor. Seriously - this is not a drill folks. You don't want to go there!

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    Iona: Celtic Progressive Rock

    Iona released their self-titled album in 1990 and went on to released six more studio albums and four live albums before finally disbanding in the mid 2010s. Iona's sound was a mixture of traditional Irish folk instruments and vocals, along with more traditional rock instruments.

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    Songs About Spring!

    Songs about Spring! A playlist about the weather, the feelings, and all that spring brings. Find a nice patch of green grass, and dive into this playlist. Better bring a rain jacket if you're in the Pacific Northwest. And if you suffer from pollen allergies - please take an Allegra or Claritin.