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    The Coolest Songs Evar!!!

    These are the best songs evar! No - not the best songs ever, but the best songs evar! That means they were songs that I used to listen to while riding my bike in my adolescent years. Yes - despite my parents forbidding me from listening to "Secular music." I guess this was my form of rebellion.

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    Over the Rhine – What a Beautiful Piece of Heartache.

    Over the Rhine has always held a special place in my heart. While there have been times when I didn’t listen to their music much, there have been also been times when I listened to them almost exclusively. Right now, I listen to them intermediately, about the same amount as They Might be Giants. Just enough to hear their beauty. Hailing from Ohio, and claiming their name from a Cincinnati neighborhood where they used to live, Over the Rhine has been around since the late 80s.  Originally a quartet, the band has since evolved to husband and wife duo, Linford Detweiler and Karin Berquist. What makes Over the Rhine, aka…

  • Retro Music Review

    To Hell with the Devil – Retro Album Review.

    In 1986, Stryper released the album "To Hell with the Devil." I loved this album and I still do. Sure - the album cover made a lot of people mad, but dang - you have to admit - the four members throwing the Devil into Hell is pretty badass! Besides - the band did change the album cover. So how does To Hell With the Devil hold up in 2018? Come explore with me, and we'll both see!