Late Century Escapism

Late Century Escapism: Over 2 hours of crowd pleasing songs from the 80s and 90s. Featuring Queen, Limahl, INXS, The Cure, Erasure, David Bowie, Elton John, The Go-Go’s, Van Halen, Depeche Mode, The B-52s, The Police, Duran Duran, and more. Scroll down to find links to the playlist in Spotify, Apple Music, and Youtube. To find out more information on this playlist and to find out what comes next, scroll past the jump!

Late Century Escapism

What is Late Century Escapism?

Late Century Escapism is dedicated to a handful of songs from the 80s and 90s, hence the phrase “late century.” But what about the escapism part of the title? All 30 songs in Late Century Escapism deal in some sort of “escape.” Some songs, such as The Go-Go’s “Vacation” or Madonna’s “Holiday” talk about taking a trip. Some songs, such as INXS’s “New Sensation” and The Human League’s “Keep Feeling (Fascination)” talk about emotions (and how they help us escape). Songs such as “Paradise City” (Guns and Roses), “Never Ending Story” (Limahl), and “Zoo Station” (U2) deal with finding a place not quite connected to reality. Of course, there’s a few songs about partying: “Party Out of Bounds’ (The B52s), “1999” (Prince), and “Escapade” (Janet Jackson) – just to name a few. Bruce Springsteen takes us through a Tunnel of Love, Van Halen tells us to Jump, and Queen tells us to Play the Game.

Forget adulting for a couple hours. Late Century Escapism is a journey through the unreality of escapism.

What comes next for

There’s a reason I made an escapism playlist. Life sucks, and I need that little mini vacation. Actually, I got the idea while talking to my therapist today, but that’s a different story altogether. My point being, I just have not had the spoons to write here, or even at I want to change that, but it involves a few moving pieces that I still need to work out. Still I have several ideas. One actually involves AI art. I’ve been playing around with it for a few weeks, and I’m a bit addicted. Seriously. My Facebook feed is full of cultural and/or fictional characters if they were in a Wes Anderson film. I feel like Starscream and Victor Hugo in The Royal Tenenbaums might be my favorite. But I digress.

My point being, more content is on the way. It might be a steady drip though, but as we were taught in Sunday School….Have Patience. In the meantime. maybe listen to a few more playlists. Might I suggest Weird and Wonderful 90s music, 80s Radio Pop Rock, or maybe 80s Synthpop Dream?

Until next time, rock on and rock steady!

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