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This week’s playlist has no specific theme. Instead, this week’s playlist, entitled Jukebox Montage, serves as a sort of clearinghouse. I’ve had a bunch of songs tagged to include in future playlists, but have just found the right playlist. Some of these songs are old favorites, some are songs I have recently rediscovered. One or two of these songs are brand spanking new. Regardless, all of these songs make me want to sing and dance. So rather than wait for just the right time and place, I’ve decided to forge these songs into one big Voltron-esque playlist.

Jukebox Montage features several well-known songs. Safety Dance by Men Without Hats, Everlasting Love by Howard Jones, and Shakedown Street by Grateful Dead. This playlist also features a few deep cuts by otherwise well-known artists, such as I’m So Tired by The Beatles and Miss Sarajevo by U2 (with Pavarotti!!!). Of course, this playlist also features a bunch of under the radar songs. On a Rope by Rocket from the Crypt, Run for It by Delirium (featuring Leigh Bingham Nash), and the haunting Goodnight Moon by Shivaree. Jukebox Montage is a hodgepodge of music you will love.

Enjoy the playlist everyone!

Jukebox Montage

More Jukebox Montage!

You may have noticed, there’s a secondary name to this playlist: Listen to This III. Yes, this is not the first time I’ve done a playlist like this. the other playlists, Listen to this, and Listen to This 2 (Forests from the Trees) offer a similar style and feel. Essentially two hours of really good music, that doesn’t really share any specific connection. Regardless, the songs on all three playlists work well together. So give the other two playlists a listen after you give Jukebox Montage a spin. It will be the perfect palette cleanser for the week.

By the way, if you like short fiction, specifically horror, I’ve published my yearly October Scary Story at Aaronjedwards.com. This year’s installment, Monsters of History, is sort of a mash-up between Frankenstein and a zombie story. There’s even a part where you get to see Hitler brutally abused! How can you pass up on that?

Rock on, and rock steady everyone!

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