Emotional Christmas Music

Christmas brings a ton of emotions. When we’re younger, it’s mostly joy and happiness. When we get a little older, well, things start to change. We associate the holidays with our past disappointments. And when loved ones die, well, we start to miss them. No one warns you about that part – I guess I’m kind of telling you this myself. But I digress. This week’s playlist, Emotional Christmas Music, examines a myriad of emotions we might experience throughout the season. Most of the emotions are positive and happy. Some of these emotions, however, are more negative. Sadness, grief, loss.

We start out with the classic Blues Traveler song “Christmas,” which examines this same emotional rollercoaster of emotions that the holidays bring. We hear tales of heartache, such as Blue Christmas by Elvis and Last Christmas as covered by She & Him. Bing Crosby sings “I’ll be home for Christmas,” if only in his dreams. Billy Joel sings (some of) the original, and rather depressing, lyrics to Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. But it’s not all gloomy. We also hear a jubilant cry of Do you Hear What I Hear by Andy Williams, and Simon & Garfunkel instructs us to Go Tell It on the Mountain! Mariah Carey sings Joy to the World, and even Bad Religion sings Angels We Have Heard on High. We’ll even laugh at Straight No Chaser’s rendition of The 12 Days of Christmas.

Whatever your mood this holiday season, I hope you enjoy Emotional Christmas Music.

Emotional Christmas Music

More Emotional Christmas Music coming TOMORROW!

You read that right! More Coming tomorrow. But it’s not a playlist, it’s an actual featured article! Whoa! Part 4 of the Holiday Hall of Shame will peak its head out of the oven. I use that metaphor because this year, I’m entitling it “Christmas Turkey.” And ooooh what turkey’s you’ll see on this article. So hit that subscribe button and come back tomorrow. Don’t worry, don’t worry – I’ll save the neck for you. And that’s not all. Another featured article AND another playlist will be coming your way next week.

Until tomorrow, rock on, and rock steady – and keep rocking around the Christmas Tree!

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