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Covers have always been a huge part of AudioPerfecta’s overall strategy. The first (official) post of AudioPerfecta was a cover vs original! To date, I’ve done seven cover vs originals, and I have several more planned. I’ve also made several playlists dedicated to covers. It’s safe to say, I’m a bit obsessed with covers. So, to cultivate this obsession, I bring you a brand new feature – the cover of the day! (#coveroftheday).

Ultimately, this new feature fulfills a 25 year old fantasy of mine. I remember as a senior in high school, I had just discovered the amazing genre, of cover songs. I was planning on where I would go to college, and what antics I might pull during my four years of dorm living. One antic – everyday, at a specific time, I would push my speakers up against the heating vent or what have you, and blast a different cover song everyday. I never did this as I ended up living in a dorm during my college years. Meh – probably a good thing too, as I might have just annoyed all my dorm mates.

What are the details of the #coveroftheday?

The cover of the day will be easy to find! Just search for #coveroftheday on Twitter and Facebook. It’s that simple. Everyday I’ll post a new cover. Some will be famous covers you’ve heard a million times, some will be covers you’ve never heard before. Regardless – each cover song is guaranteed to be a lot of fun! I’ve also put together a spotify playlist of the existing #coveroftheday songs. However, some of the covers won’t make this list as I’m not limiting myself to Spotify songs only. A great example, Belly’s amazing cover of the Jimi Hendrix’s “Are You Experienced,” sourced from YouTube. So don’t rely on the playlist, go directly to the source or you’ll be left out.

That’s about it folks! Come back to the AudioPerfecta social media pages everyday for the latest #coveroftheday! It’s that simple!

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