Retro Music Review

Hysteria – The Best Hard Rock Album of the 80s.

What’s the best hard rock album of the 80s? Why Def Leppard’s Hysteria of course! From Woman to Love and Affection, I review the album in its entirety. What makes it great? What are the best songs? And are the filler songs great as well? Read on and I’ll tell you!

Winners Never Quit – Sadly Still Relevant.

In 2000, Pedro the Lion released their album “Winners Never Quit.” Join me as I explore this album. I find not just one, not just two, but three different reasons why this album is still relevant to today. At times – this album is even a bit prophetic!

Steve Taylor – Squint (1993)

The album “Squint” by Steve Taylor is 25 years old as of just a few weeks ago. I feel like it was just released, and I still listen to the album several times a month. From “The Lament of Desmond….” to “The Moshing Floor” to “Cash Cow,” I’ll examine this album and ask “Does Squint still hold up?”

To Hell with the Devil – Retro Album Review.

In 1986, Stryper released the album “To Hell with the Devil.” I loved this album and I still do. Sure – the album cover made a lot of people mad, but dang – you have to admit – the four members throwing the Devil into Hell is pretty badass! Besides – the band did change the album cover.

So how does To Hell With the Devil hold up in 2018? Come explore with me, and we’ll both see!

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