Retro Music Review

Photo Credit: Jem Cohen

Monster Turns 25

Monster Turns 25 this month. In celebration, we take a fresh look at this groundbreaking album by R.E.M. Will the heavy guitar sounds of the folk rock quartet make me lose my religious revery of Monster? Will I find Monster just as fresh as the day I first heard the album? Read on and find out!

Omnipop – Sam Phillips (1996)

Sam Phillips Omnipop (It’s Just a Flesh Wound Lambchop) reviewed with a fresh pair of ears. Is this Phillips’s most underrated album? Did the least selling album of Phillips’ career deserve to be listened to? I go through the album, song by song and ask what works and what doesn’t.

Led Zeppelin IV: Retro Music Review

Led Zeppelin IV, the best selling Led Zeppelin album. Does it stand the test of time? Does Led Zeppelin IV age well? We examine the album song by song. From Black Dog to When the Levee Breaks. From Rock and Roll, to Stairway to Heaven. Misty Mountain Hop, Going to California, Four Sticks, and the Battle of Evermore. All the songs from Led Zeppelin IV reviewed.

Kids TV Themes of the 60s, 70s, and 80s

Kids TV themes of the 60s, 70s, and 80s – how do they sound today? Examining Scooby Doo, G.I. Joe, Sesame Street, Spider-man, Pee Wee’s Playhouse, Transformers, The Muppet Show, and many more classics!

How will your favorite childhood show rate, as far as its theme song?

Simplistic Rock and Roll: INXS Kick

The Simplistic rock and roll stylings of INXS’ breakthrough album “Kick.”Do they work in 2019? Does Kick still stir us? Or do the songs sound dated? In this experiment I review all 12 tracks from Kick and ask which songs work, which songs don’t.

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