Retro Music Review

Steve Taylor – Squint (1993)

The album “Squint” by Steve Taylor is 25 years old as of just a few weeks ago. I feel like it was just released, and I still listen to the album several times a month. From “The Lament of Desmond….” to “The Moshing Floor” to “Cash Cow,” I’ll examine this album and ask “Does Squint still hold up?”

To Hell with the Devil – Retro Album Review.

In 1986, Stryper released the album “To Hell with the Devil.” I loved this album and I still do. Sure – the album cover made a lot of people mad, but dang – you have to admit – the four members throwing the Devil into Hell is pretty badass! Besides – the band did change the album cover.

So how does To Hell With the Devil hold up in 2018? Come explore with me, and we’ll both see!

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