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    Fun but Annoying Christmas Songs.

    If you listen to Christmas music, chances are there’s at least one song that you would not usually tolerate, but you listen to during the holidays. You know the song really stinks, but something compels you to listen to it anyway. The songs are fun, but annoying. I bet everyone reading this can name at least one of these songs. Maybe these songs are a novelty song, or maybe these songs are a cheap audio trick. Maybe the song is done by a popular artists, but extremely cheesy. Heck – maybe the song isn’t that annoying to anyone but you! Everyone has their own tastes after all. Yet like a…

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    A Playlist of My Favorite Songs.

    Have you ever wondered what my favorite songs are? Here's a playlist of 101 songs to answer that questions. While there's some omissions, I did a pretty good job of at least representing as many artists as I could. All this why? Because today is my 44th birthday. Yaaaaaa! Have fun - and listen to this playlist on shuffle.

  • Holiday Fun!,  Playlists

    A Christmas Playlist of Cheer (and Other Things)

    Cheer (and Other Things). A playlist for Christmas both celebrating the Joy and hope of the holidays, and yet also acknowledging the pain and sadness that also comes with the season. Some of my favorite Christmas songs make an appearance. Some songs you don't normally associate with Christmas also make an appearance. Featuring Smashing Pumpkins, U2, Over the Rhine, The Barenaked Ladies, Amy Grants, The Muppets (with John Denver), The Henry Mancini Orchestra, and even Elvis Costello in . a Bear Costume.