Holiday Fun!

Holiday fun, a section for the music of the Winter Holidays. Playlists featuring the very best and at times, the craziest Christmas music. Articles about individual Christmas Albums, individual songs, and even a few Cover vs Originals.

Holiday Fun will enlighten you holiday fun!

Winter Wonderland: A Snowball Fight Between Genres

Winter Wonderland, a classic holiday song can be sung in just about any genre. Today we explore eleven different versions, and determine which one is the best. Spoiler alert – they’re all good.

If you like country, pop, hip hop, classic rock, classical, or even mariachi, you’ll want to read this article. Winter Wonderland truly brings us together.

A Christmas Playlist of Cheer (and Other Things)

Cheer (and Other Things). A playlist for Christmas both celebrating the Joy and hope of the holidays, and yet also acknowledging the pain and sadness that also comes with the season. Some of my favorite Christmas songs make an appearance. Some songs you don’t normally associate with Christmas also make an appearance. Featuring Smashing Pumpkins, U2, Over the Rhine, The Barenaked Ladies, Amy Grants, The Muppets (with John Denver), The Henry Mancini Orchestra, and even Elvis Costello in . a Bear Costume.

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