80s Synth Pop Dream

A couple weeks ago I showed that disco paved the wave for every form of electronica, techno, and EDM genre. The direct predecessor to disco proves this fact, and yet shows how much electronic music could alter itself so much. 80s synth pop separated itself from disco by only a few short years, and yet the two genres sound so different. 80s synth pop had a way of trying to predict the future. Musicians in the genre tried their best to answer the question: what will music sound like in 35 years? While these futurists of music weren’t exactly on the mark, they got one thing right – music would, more and more, rely heavily on technology. Sure, not every band uses a synth, but look at pop music now. Autotune, computer effects, and the like rule the top 40 stations.

This playlist dedicates itself to 80s synth pop. You’ll see a few favorites – New Order, Thompson Twins, Duran Duran, and The Human League. You’ll also see some forgotten songs from bands such as Noel, Visage, Red Flag, and Psyche. Of course you’ll see Vince Clarke three times – in Depeche Mode, Yazoo (or Yaz on this side of the pond), and Erasure. You’ll even see a few one hit wonders, such as Naked Eyes, Real Life, and Animotion. The 80s synthpop dream will get you dancing in a nostalgic, yet futuristic way.

Want to hear more 80s Synth Pop?

I just can’t get enough of this genre. I might be on a ship of fools, but my situation – ok, enough with the Vince Clarke puns! Seriously, the man is responsible for three amazing bands – two of which are still going strong! What a genius. But really, if you want more 80s synth pop, check this list out. My playlist certainly has some overlap, but there’s a few others worth checking out. Need more? Ok, here you go. That one even mentions Samantha Fox!

Seriously, I forgot Samantha Fox even existed!

Coming up on Friday, a cover vs original I never thought I would ever write. I talk about the song “Carry On Wayward Son” by Kansas, and along the way I realize how good this song really is. Why? You’ll just have to read the article when I publish it. So come back Friday! Until then, enjoy the 80s synth pop playlist.

80s Synth Pop Dream, now with 100 percent more Samantha Fox.

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