80s Radio Pop Rock – Classics and More

Folks, I’m really excited about this playlist. This week’s playlist, 80s Radio Pop Rock – Classics and More, is full of my permanent jams. These are songs I listened to in the 80s while getting ready for school and riding my bike around. These songs provided an escape for me, from the bullying at school I experienced, from unrequited pubescent crushes, and just a general escape from middle school life. Needless to say, these songs are near and dear to my heart.

While you probably won’t have the same emotional connection I have to these songs, if you’re an 80s music fan, you will still most likely enjoy this playlist. 80s Radio Pop Rock – Classics and More, features a lot of great music. There are, as the name implies, classic songs such as Two Tickets to Paradise by Eddie Money, Human by the Human League, Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now by Starship, and even Express Yourself by Madonna. There’s also a lot of songs that got a bit of radio playback, but never really stuck in the collective conscious. Don’t Shed A Tear by Paul Carrack, Just Between You and Me by Lou Gramm, Missing You by John Waile, and my personal jam for the last week and a half, Don’t Look Back by The Fine Young Cannibals. Seriously, Good thing was a good song, but why was it a bigger FYC hit? But I digress.

I truly hope you enjoy 80s Radio Pop Rock – Classics and More. I hope these songs become part of your soul as they have become part of mine.

80s Radio Pop Rock

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What’s coming up for the next featured article? Well, to fit the theme of this week’s playlist, I shall explore the all too soon forgotten Howard Jones. Seriously, what happened to that guy? This is the question I’ll be answering early next week.

That’s all for now. Rock on, and rocksteady!

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